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UK Postal Services processes all incoming mail and packages for students living in campus residence halls. Mail is delivered one time per day Monday through Friday on campus.

Residence Hall Mailing

Residents are issued a mailbox within their residence hall. Students may pick up their mail in their residence hall at the front desk if they are receiving a package or at their assigned mailbox. Residents will be emailed by the Residence Life staff when packages are delivered to the front desk.

Package Return

If students wish to return their mail or packages, they can do so at the USPS located on campus in 21A White Hall Classroom Building (basement of White Hall).  

Mailing Address

When addressing mail to the residence halls, please use the standard address format shown below to ensure delivery in a timely manner.

Residence Hall addresses can be found the residence hall’s page on the UK Campus Housing site.

Click here to be taken to a page that lists all the residence halls on campus. Choose the residence hall that applies to you for the correct specific mailing template and sort number. The mailing address for the specific hall can be found under Hall Information.  

Residence Hall Template

Student Name 
Physical Address 
[Room Number] Residence Hall 
Lexington, KY 40526-SORT #

Key things to know when sending and receiving mail as a student: 

  • Deliveries to residence halls will begin after move-in. 

  • Students will receive an email notification when packages are delivered to the front desk. 

  • Students will not receive an email notification when small packages or mail is delivered to their assigned mailbox within the residence hall.  

  • Amazon currently notifies their customer when a shipment is received at the post office. Those deliveries will be transferred to UK in one business day.